Where Are The Stop Motion Puppets Now?

One other question that I should answer here is: Where are the 'ANIMAGIC' Figures today? I did answer this in some detail in my CINEFANTASTIQUE Feb. 1999 article in their "100 Years of Stop-Motion" issue. For those of you that missed it, the 'ANIMAGIC' figures were made for animation puposes and not made to last or collect. The same can be said of RKO's KING KONG, etc. etc. The materials used were flexible and sprayed down with a type of flock to avoid reflection for filming purposes. The Spray had some acidity to it and eventually would cause the figure(s) to deteriorate over time. True, some do still exist in private collections (Arthur and Jules would give them to people they worked with), but all that I am aware of are barely hanging together. We will share some of the photos of these figures on our 'ANIMAGIC' web pages as we receive them....Donner is already there in many poses. Jules Bass explained "We did have a few re-creations made in lasting materials to display in our office, but the average life of a real 'Animagic' figure was about 6 months." I was given a Wood carved Salad Fork/Spoon set of FANG & DRACULA carved by head 'ANIMAGIC' tech Pinchon (during the making of MAD MONSTER PARTY) as a gift from RANKIN/BASS for Christmas last year! THANK god these were made with lasting material! I'll try to share some photos soon! If you are interested in collecting dead on likenesses of the characters in 3-D form, go out and buy the ENESCO figurine line! More planned for next year too!