Why Is The Doll On The Island Of Misfit Toys A Misfit?
Finally, the long awaited answer to this unsolved mystery!

As far as the Misfit Girl doll goes, in my book Arthur Rankin jokes about her problem being...................... psychological! The fact of the matter is, she is barely mentioned in Romeo's scripts. He describes the important charcters in GREAT detail and the Misfit Girl doll wasn't even in the original 10-63 draft at all! Charlie is the only Misfit with lines, even in the revised script. The spotted Elephant and The Misfit Girl doll got a few extra lines in 1965 at the end when the return to the Island Of Misfit Toys was added in due to public response. She became a more important character in the second broadcast, but was not fully developed in the script....hence the mystery! I accept Arthur's explanation since he is the RANKIN in RANKIN/BASS and Produced the entire production.