Which of the Rankin/Bass specials are available on VHS and DVD?

Many of you have been writing us asking which specials are available to purchase either on vhs or dvd. Well, we've supplied a list that you can easily browse and see if your favorite is currently available for convenient home viewing! CLICK HERE to view the list!


With the many book orders we have received this month so far, we are happy to say we usually ship the very next day PRIORITY MAIL. If you are worried that you may not get the books in time for the holiday... you need not. PLEASE place your order before December 19th for Holiday delivery. THANK YOU for your support! Rick

Here it is.... SANTA, BABY!

It's coming! Your friends here at are proud to present some scenes from the brand new Rankin/Bass cel-animated Holiday Special - SANTA, BABY! which will air on the FOX NETWORK on Dec. 17th!


YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS to be the next BIG RANKIN/BASS merchandising move. As you watch THE YEAR YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS on ABC FAMILY this year and once again enjoy the HEAT MISER and SNOW MISER, keep in mind, next year will see merchandise based on the popular RANKIN/BASS special. It has been Rumored that there is a feature film on the horizon from WARNER BROS. based on the special BUT based on the previous track record of cartoon to live-action movie.... I just can't see that working out well. Take a good look at the WB live-action SCOOBY DOO film pictures.

One good thing that does come from a strange move like this is the merchandise based on the original that will be presented. Looks like it will be EXCLUSIVE to the MUSICLAND/SUNCOAST chains and most likely will be handled by APPLAUSE. Whatever the case may be, it has been long overdue and the HEAT MISER/SNOW MISER are the most overlooked cartoon icons in the history of animation merchandising. A Sure GOLDMINE. We will keep you posted.

ABC FAMILY kicks off DECEMBER with an all-day RANKIN/BASS marathon!

RANKIN/BASS galore on ABC FAMILY! Many classic RANKIN/BASS specials will air over and over through their 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Check your local listings. We assisted ABC FAMILY with many of their print ads this year. THANK YOU ABC FAMILY for not forgetting about the RANKIN/BASS Christmas Specials that the NETWORKS did forget about.

RANKIN/BASS 'handmade' CDs and raffles!

Many have asked about our CDs pictured on various pages thoughout the website. Over the past few years we have assembled archival material on CDs from the RANKIN/BASS vaults. We have raffled off copies from time to time to our customers. From time to time we have also offered them on EBAY via Rick's seller id ANIMAGIC1. With the success of the MAD MONSTER PARTY CD Soundtrack through PERCEPTO.COM, we are now working on our 2nd project with PERCEPTO. Not sure of the specifics at this point BUT we are going through some demo material right now and PERCEPTO is doing some remastering. We will keep you posted.

R/B Merchandise at WALMART!

Currently, WALMART is carrying the types of items from RANKIN/BASS' RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER that appeared in CVS PHARMACIES a few years back. They have clothing, figural straws, bowls, plates, bags and even a kid's watch with various images to go on the top of the watch. Many of the stores carrying the merchandise have commented that it has been a struggle to keep it in stock.


Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing MAD MONSTER PARTY on DVD & VHS in the summer of 2002. The DVD will be a Special Edition and they do plan to work with Rankin/Bass on this, as well as their upcoming editions of THE DAYDREAMER and THE WACKY WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE! More details will be announced soon.

If you're not familiar with Anchor Bay, I am pleased to say that they are a well established company that cares about quality. They remaster all of the discs and videos they they manufacture from the best prints available, and produce the best quality editions of video on the market today! - Mark

Our friend, RANKIN/BASS Designer PAUL COKER, JR. (pictured left) is acting as FROSTY'S Spokesman! He designed the character for RANKIN/BASS in 1969 and is doing many Sattelite TV and Radio interviews! We will provide a schedule as soon as we have one!

RANKIN/BASS NEWSPAPER articles to look for!

ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, THE POST CRESCENT in Appleton, WI interviews Maury Laws and Rick and THE JOURNAL GAZETTE in Fort Wayne, IN again interviews Maury and Rick. Written by Steve Penhollow, it will feature color images!

Happy Holidays!
- Rick and Mark