Remember The Mini-Monsters?
The Lorimar Home Video VHS cover.
Many RANKIN/BASS fans associate MAD MONSTER PARTY and MAD, MAD, MAD MONSTERS with HALLOWEEN...BUT do you remember MINI-MONSTERS? This series was part of the RANKIN/BASS series THE COMIC STRIP which also featured TIGERSHARKS (Many have asked for this on DVD), STREET FROGS and KARATE KAT. The series was released on VHS briefly in 1987. The characters were actually designed by BOB CAMP (Part of the early SPUMCO staff for REN & STIMPY). PETER BAKALIAN was also a big part of the series as well.

King Kong DVDs Coming Nov. 15th -
With No Mention of Rankin/Bass!

Although we are happy that it is is finally being released, it's very sad that SONY WONDER and CLASSIC MEDIA put "The Animated Series" on the cover of the DVDs of the classic RANKIN/BASS TV Series KING KONG. Everyone who grew up with and loved the series knows it is a RANKIN/BASS Product. Apparently, SONY and CLASSIC MEDIA want it to appear they created this classic series OR they just refuse to give the proper PRODUCERS and the many people that worked on these shows their credit. The front covers are so poorly designed that the art blocks out "The Animated Series" anyway.

Click Here to order at Amazon.com
Click Here to order at Amazon.com This trend at CLASSIC MEDIA and SONY started about two years ago and has everyone involved with the shows and their fans scratching their heads. Prior to the group of people that moved into these positions to make these decisions about two years ago, CLASSIC MEDIA/SONY were wonderful people and this is why ARTHUR RANKIN agreed to do the introductions on the RUDOLPH and FROSTY discs. They issued the DVDs as they should be issued, with "The RANKIN/BASS Classic" on the front covers, per the Producers request.
We encourage fans of these shows who agree with us to submit their opinions to the people who are doing this at www.classicmedia.tv.

We Want The Bermuda Depths!
Some R/B fans may remember THE BERMUDA DEPTHS, an obscure 1977 Rankin/Bass made-for-television movie that has built up a cult following over the years and seems to be growing even today! Those who have seen it remember it as a haunting, moody film, with beautiful images and a creepy score by Maury Laws. Shot on location in Bermuda, the film has only been available in a hard-to-find VHS edition that is long out-of-print. Click here to read more about the movie.
The Bermuda Depths.
Well, now you can let your voice be heard! Warner Bros/Anchor Bay currently owns the rights to the film, and as far as we know, has no immediate plans for a DVD release. So, Bermuda Depths fan Todd Garbarini created an online petition, and so far it has attracted over 850 signatures to date! We hope that this will show the powers that be that there is still a genuine interest in this film, and possibly sway their decision when considering upcoming releases.

To add your name and comments to the petition, CLICK HERE!

Riding The Coattails - The Legend of Frosty
The Legend of Frosty DVD

What in the world is this?

A cheap DVD at an expensive price? Extremely bad art? No heart or warmth? BURT REYNOLDS? We can't really tell you what it is, but we can tell you what it is NOT. It is not a quality RANKIN/BASS Holiday special on DVD and RANKIN/BASS had nothing to do with this project. I know Mom always said...If you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all. Well, we thought the fans of RANKIN/BASS should see this. We definitely had nothing good to say BUT we had to say something!

Rankinbass.com Assists With
Another Holly, Jolly Publication!
This book comes from POTOMAC BOOKS, INC. and is compiled by Kevin Cuddihy and Phillip Metcalfe. It features interesting TOP 10 lists of CHRISTMAS trivia and much RANKIN/BASS. It is a TRIVIA/HUMOR book that sells for $12.95. Some interesting facts include "The WHITE CHRISTMAS you hear from Bing Crosby today is not the original one. His 1942 version was in such demand that the master recording got damaged by overuse. He re-recorded it in 1947, attempting to recreate the original as well as he could." Another tidbit, "Jimmy Buffett, Rickey Henderson and Humphrey Bogart were all born on Christmas, while Billy Martin, W.C. Fields and Charlie Chaplin all died on the Holiday."
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The Highest Rated Rankin/Bass Special!
Vintage Ad for Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians

What Was The Highest Rated Rankin/Bass Special?

THE MAD, MAD, MAD COMEDIANS (1970) Starring GROUCHO MARX, THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS, PHYLLIS DILLER, JACK E. LEONARD, GEORGE JESSEL, W.C. FIELDS (Paul Frees), HENNY YOUNGMAN, FLIP WILSON and more! It's also one of their RAREST Specials...not seen since it's original broadcast just before the 1970 ACADEMY AWARDS!

It is definitely one of their classic cel-animated specials and ran 30 minutes long. In the audience you can see DEAN MARTIN & JERRY LEWIS, POPEYE and others. It was designed by noted cartoonist BRUCE STARK. PAUL FREES not only acted as narrator BUT also did the voice of CHICO MARX. "Groucho was very pleased with the way PAUL did the voice of his brother," explains ARTHUR RANKIN. "He couldn't believe how close PAUL was to his brother's voice."

Make 2005 a Rankin/Bass Christmas With
Gifts & Decorations From Time And Space Toys!

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Don't forget to order your Rankin/Bass merchandise in time for this holiday season! Time and Space Toys offers a huge assortment of R/B items that are sure to brighten your family's celebrations! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin' To Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, - all can be found here for your one-stop shopping convenience! Toys, figurines, lawn decor, collectibles - they're all here! Also, with any in-stock purchase receive a free Rudolph 5" action figure! (Click here for details.)

One of the new 2005 R/B items available is the "Bumble Ultimate Animatronic 14 inch Figure" by Gemmy! (pictured left top) This large Abominable Snowmonster is accurate in detail and has a moving head and mouth! (Click here for details.)

Another new item this year is the "Frosty Inflatable Airblown Tabletop Snowglobe" also by Gemmy! (pictured left bottom) This 15" clear plastic globe features Frosty inside with snowflakes that constantly fall around him! No need to shake this globe to make it snow! (Click here for details.)

Starving Artists Acoustic duo!
Rick Goldschmidt & Dennis Riordan of The Starving Artists

As for the latest on Rick's musical career...look for the STARVING ARTISTS Acoustic duo at a POTBELLY SANDWICH WORKS restaurant near you. If you live in ILLINOIS, check out this unique set of songs played by DENNIS RIORDAN and RICK. Dennis and Rick will also be recording two new original songs for RICK's solo project at KEVIN GIRAGOSIAN's (THE NEVERLY BROTHERS/THE WOMBATS) Homer Glen, IL Recording Studio in Early November. The STARVING ARTISTS are also gearing up to play the "End Of The Year Celebration" for SBC COMMUNICATIONS.

Rick Goldshcmidt & Dennis Riordan of The Starving Artists
Dennis Riordan of The Starving Artists Rick Goldschmidt of The Starving Artists


Rick and Mark