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Mad Monster Party Screening at Horror/Sci-Fi Convention!

The Rankin Bass classic MAD MONSTER PARTY will have a rare 35mm big screen showing at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, IL as part of the FLASHBACK WEEKEND HORROR AND SCI-FI WEEKEND, AUGUST 2-3-4, 2002.

Artwork by our friend Ron Murphy! The afternoon convention activities at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare will include a dealers room, guest presentations in the Grand Ballroom, and other events. The evening 35mm film screenings will take place at the nearby historic Pickwick Theatre, a beautiful 1,400 seat Art Deco movie theatre. Our guests will be introducing 35mm showings of their classic films. We will provide shuttle buses to transport convention attendees between the hotel and theatre.

Appearing will be Bruce Campbell and his three EVIL DEAD co-stars Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, and Sarah York. Special effects artist Tom Sullivan will be bringing his EVIL DEAD museum which features original props from the Evil Dead films.

Also appearing will be Herschell Gordon Lewis, Richard (Jaws) Kiel, Ben Chapman (The CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP) and TEMPE ENTERAINMENT founder director J.R. Bookwalter. J.R. wil be bringing many stars from his films including Debbie Rochon and Lilith Stabs.

The MAD MONSTER PARTY showing will take place on Sunday, August 4 at the Pickwick Theatre. Many other classic Sci-Fi and Horror films will also be shown on the big screen. For more information, visit our website at www.flashbackweekend.com, e-mail flashbackweekend@ameritech. net, or cal (847) 478-0119.

Sincerely, Mike Kerz, Flashback Weekend

More Mad Monster Party DVD Updates!

Street date:07-23-02! There are actually over 80 images on the 2 STILL ARCHIVES galleries on the upcoming MMP DVD! And, rankinbass.com has discovered that there is also a hidden Easter Egg! If you click on UNCLE BORIS' beaker you will be able to view the Theatrical trailers for the upcoming ANCHOR BAY RANKIN/BASS classics THE WACKY WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE and THE DAYDREAMER! Click the pic for a complete description at Anchor Bay!

Mad Monster Party Article Featured in Cinescape!

MAD MONSTER PARTY DVD article/interview appears on page 78-79 in the latest issue of CINESCAPE with GEORGE LUCAS on the cover! The magazine can be found at most video stores (Including BLOCKBUSTER) and book stores. Just checked out the MMP DVD material and it is EXCELLENT!


rankinbass.com in The Barker Magazine! The Mortimer Snerd & Charlie McCarthy stop-motion figures from The Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show.
RANKINBASS.COM made it in issue #6 of THE BARKER MAGAZINE! Page 13 includes a color article with our story about THE EDGAR BERGEN & CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW! This issue also features a GREAT article on SOUPY SALES and his NEW book SOUPY SEZ! Bob Abdou publishes this GREAT magazine about working Puppeteers and the GREAT world of PUPPETRY! You can e-mail him on how to subcribe or buy this issue at:mr.puppet@mindspring.com OR you can mail to: THE BARKER MAGAZINE, P.O. Box 2972, Norcross, Georgia 30091 We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you support today's puppeteers and subscribing to this magazine is a good way to start. If your in the Georgia Area, you can call Bob for a booking at 404-881-0455. He has quite a puppet act that can freshen up an event or party!

Robert Culp & Bill Cosby from the television series I SPY.

rankinbass.com branches out in 2002!

Rick has been assisting on a few projects outside the parimeters of RANKIN/BASS! First, He has been assisting in an upcoming soundtrack release (actual music cues) from one of our favorite TV SERIES..... I SPY! The music in the series was done by our friend and musical genius EARLE HAGEN!!!! Check out his website at www.earlehagen.net! We supplied many of the images that will be contained in the liner notes! EARLE is famous for his TV THEMES and SCORES to THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, THAT GIRL and countless other classics! He also has a NEW book out entitled 'Memoirs Of A Famous Composer - Nobody Ever Heard Of'! You can buy it from www.xlibris.com or www.filmscoremonthly.com! Check this book out! It is a GREAT read! Puppeteer Bill Jackson

Rankin/Bass Musical Director Maury Laws Secondly, A NEW book from A CAPPELLA press is coming out entitled THE CARTOON MUSIC BOOK! Our friend MAURY LAWS will be featured in a chapter written by our friend GREG EHRBAR and we supplied a picture or two! I am sure this is just the book CARTOON MUSIC fans have been waiting for! We can't wait!

Rick's article on Chicago Legend Bill Jackson that appears at www.tvparty.com will appear in the first book based on the website compiled by Billy Ingram. The book will be released this Fall and includes the most popular articles on the website! Rick's article covers Bill's BJ & DIRTY DRAGON series right through to his GIGGLESNORT HOTEL.

Cool Stuff to bid on!

Check out what our friend Patrick Owsley has up for auction at ebay! He always has some interesting and often one-of-a-kind items up on the auction block.Take a peek by clicking the ebay logo to the right to go directly to Patrick's current auctions!

"Have a safe and happy Independence Day!"

- Rick and Mark