Thundercats Coming to DVD
from Warner Brothers!

Yes...it is true! The first season of the series will be released by WARNER BROTHERS HOME VIDEO in two parts this year! In the first box set it will feature EXTRAS by NEW WAVE ENTERTAINMENT and they asked RICK to assist and open the archives so you will get a nice GALLERY of extra images and a Documentary from the fan's perspective. In the 2nd Box set it will have a DOCUMENTARY featuring ARTHUR RANKIN, JR., PETER BAKALIAN, LEE DANACHER, LARRY KENNEY and more of the voice talent, etc. THUNDERCATS fans will finally have what they have been asking for! We have received countless E-mails (At least 2-3 a day) since we started RANKINBASS.COM, so no one is happier than we are! More sets are slated to come out in 2006 featuring a band that you have read about on this site doing a new version of the song. Also, BERNARD HOFFNER will be interviewed about the music and play the theme for you...among many other surprises!

All of this excitement will lead to the RANKIN/BASS HOLIDAY classics being released in box sets as well FEATURING what we have been asking for all these years: RANKIN/BASS Documentaries on the history of the studio with ARTHUR RANKIN & JULES BASS and the rest of the cast! Stay tuned to our site for more info to come!

You can read more about the THUNDERCATS RELEASE at www.tvshowsondvd.com

Cool Stuff Up on Ebay!

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Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass
to Appear in Documentaries!


Now that we are finally going to see film documentaries of the DYNAMIC DUO of ANIMAGIC! We would like to hear from you. What HOLIDAY Classics owned by WARNER BROTHERS would you like to see in these DVD HOLIDAY BOX Sets? Many have e-mailed me about THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMIN' TO TOWN over the past EASTER Holiday. I know people want to see THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS by Frank L. Baum, RANKIN/BASS' last ANIMAGIC effort. I have also heard requests for FLIGHT OF DRAGONS on DVD. What do you want to see?

Re-mastered Pinocchio and Wizard Of Oz on Pay TV!

The New Adventures Of Pinocchio and Tales Of the Wizard Of Oz have appeared on Pay TV! Re-mastered episodes of the classic RANKIN/BASS Syndicated TV Series have been popping up on COMCAST cable under their PAY TV channels. Episodes of THE FESTIVAL OF FAMILY classics are also part of this COMCAST deal. The episodes look very good and hopefully CLASSIC MEDIA will issue them in a DVD box set!

The Original Book Cover Designs!

Recently we took a look back on cover designs from TIGER MOUNTAIN PRESS for THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. PAUL COKER, JR. designed the final cover for the first RANKIN/BASS book by RICK...which is actually pictured in the upper left with it's original yellow background. We thought you might like to take a look at a few of the other preliminary designs from the archives. The Original book #1 sold on EBAY this week for a Premium price.

We Hope Everyone Had a Happy Easter!

- Rick and Mark