by Rick Goldschmidt

Our friend Hank Harrison has authored two books about our friend and one of our favorite artists....Jack Davis! One is called The Art Of Jack Davis (Stabur Press) and Jack Davis: Some Of My Good Stuff (Stabur Press).

The best way to discuss Jack Davis is with visuals and both of these books have quite a bit! Hank is working on a 3rd book right now that deals more with the stories and background on the man.

We have known Jack for over 10 years now and he has always been a gracious man with his time and a super modest person. For Rankin/Bass he has designed Mad Monster Party, the Willy McBean & His Magic Machine poster, the King Kong series, the Jackson Five series, The Enchanted World Of Danny Kaye, a poster for Mouse On The Mayflower, The Coneheads and a few other various things. He is one of Arthur Rankin's favorite artists. Arthur was attracted to his pen and ink work that he saw in a book on Abe Lincoln that Jack had illustrated.

Jack can do it all! He has done beautiful color paintings for the covers of Time Magazine , TV Guide, Playboy, Mad Magazine and countless Record Album Covers and One-Sheet Movie posters including It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

In the artist community...He is a living legend. He is now semi-retired in his home in Georgia! He continues to do art for the Georgia Bulldogs and frequent their games! He is an avid Golfer and likes to go out on his boat and spot a gator or two.

Jack was able to take his work to the advertising world and there was no turning back. Over the last 30 years or so...MOST of Jack's work could be found in ADS, TRADE MAGAZINES and variuos commercial work. This was where the money could be found so it was a natural progression. In his early days, he did work for Tales Of The Crypt and all the EC Magazines that shocked the world and were ultimately censored. He shared a close relationship with Harvey Kurtzman and appeared in all of Harvey's subsequent magazines after Mad including Help! and Trump.

Once Jack's work graced the covers of Time Magazine, he became very sought after and one of the most recognizable artists of the century. His art showed a lot of movement and humor and lengthy fingers and feet. You could always spot a Jack Davis and many copy cat artists followed.

Jack did peices of art in both The Enchanted World Of Rankin/Bass and The Making Of A Rankin/Bass Holiday Classic: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Without Jack, these books and the Rankin/Bass resurgence would probably not have come to be. It was in a phone conversation with Jack that I inquired about Arthur and Jules, and Jack pointed the way. To this day, Jack still works on projects for Arthur and Arthur recently visited Jack in Georgia.

Jack Davis is one of our very favorites!

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