Jules Bass

Jules Bass, since his days of Directing and Producing at RANKIN/BASS, divides his time between New York and France. He wrote most of the tunes you associate with RANKIN/BASS Productions primarily with RANKIN/BASS Musical composer/conductor Maury Laws. Together they wrote "The HEAT MISER/SNOW MISER Themes," "Put One Foot In Frost Of The Other," and "The KING KONG Theme." Besides writing lyrics, Jules has directed some of the BEST known RANKIN/BASS Projects including MAD MONSTER PARTY (1967) and THE DAYDREAMER (1966).

Today, Jules is the Author of a Children's book series based on the character HERB, THE VEGETARIAN DRAGON (Barefoot Books). These books are cleverly written and they are illustrated by Debbie Harter. Visit HERB'S website from our Links page. Jules Bass has been teaching cooking classes to kids in France to compliment his HERB vegetarian cookbook. Most recently, Mr. Bass' first Adult novel was issued HEADHUNTERS and the film rights have already been purchased for this wildly popular novel.

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